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If you'd prefer to tour the campus on your own, you can use our self-guided tour leaflet. On open days, copies of this leaflet are available to collect from our general information stand in the central exhibition, and from our information hubs around campus.

To navigate your way around campus you can use our interactive campus map.

To find out more about our buildings and facilities you can listen to our campus tour podcast.

Take the Tour

The Students' Union
Exterior shot of the students union
The Students' Union

Have a look around the No 1 Students' Union in the UK (Whatuni Student Choice Awards 2022, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017) where there is plenty of space to socialise, eat and study.

Listen to our Students' Union audio guide.

The Octagon Centre
Exterior image of the front of the octagon centre

This multi-purpose venue is an internationally-recognised conference centre and music venue, as well as being used for lectures and graduation ceremonies.

 Listen to our Octagon Centre audio guide.

Firth Court
Exterior shot of red brick building against blue sky
Firth Court

Firth Court was opened in 1905 by Kind Edward VII and Queen Alexandra and is currently home to the School of Biosciences.

Listen to our Firth Court audio guide.  

Western Bank Library and the Arts Tower
Exterior shot of western bank library and the arts tower from within weston park
Western Bank Library and the Arts Tower

Western Bank Library and the Arts Tower are both Grade II listed buildings. Western Bank contains 1.2 million texts and has 730 study spaces and backs onto Weston Park, making it a relaxed and tranquil place to study. The Arts Tower was opened in 1966 by the Queen Mother and is mainly an administration block although the School of Architecture still occupies the top floors. 

Listen to our Arts Tower and Western Bank audio guides. 

Departments of Law and Geography
Exterior shot of red brick building from across the road
The Department of Law

Bartolomé House is home to our School of Law and the Geography building is home to the Departments of Geography and Urban Studies and Planning, although most teaching for the Department of Geography takes place in other buildings across campus.

Listen to our Department of Law and Geography audio guide.

The Management School
Exterior image of red brick and corrogated iron building against blue sky

The Management building contains new, collaborative working spaces and lecture theatres used by multiple disciplines. The school is a Triple Crown accredited business school and works with some of the worlds biggest organisations such as O2 and Satander.

Listen to our Management School audio guide.

Endcliffe and Ranmoor accommodation
An exterior image of ranmoor with buildings on either side of a winding path
Ranmoor Accommodation

 Endcliffe and Ranmoor are where most of our first year students live and are a short walk into campus. Both accommodation sites offer a wide range of options, from standard to deluxe rooms, and are all self-catered.

Listen to our Endcliffe and Ranmoor audio guide.

The Medical School
Exterior image of medical school, set against blue sky with trees infront
The Medical School

Our Medical School is adjacent to the Royal Hallamshire Hospital and is just 5 minutes away from the Students' Union and central campus. This is where you will receive a lot of your teaching if you're studying medicine, dentistry or any other health related courses.

Listen to our Medical School audio guide.

The Alfred Denny Building
Exterior image of concourse with the alfred denny (red brick building) on the right side

The Alfred Denny Building is home to our School of Biosciences. It’s also home to the Alfred Denny Museum, which contains specimens of animals from across the globe and letters from Charles Darwin written to Henry Denny (Alfred Denny’s father). 

Listen to our Alfred Denny audio guide.

The Hicks Building
Exterior image of students' union concourse with the hicks building to the right side

The Hicks Building is home to the Departments of Physics and Astronomy and the School oF Mathematics and Statistics. 

Listen to our Hicks Building audio guide.

The Disability and Dyslexia Support Service
Exterior shot of busy concourse with hicks building on left side and students union on the right

The Disability and Dyslexia Support Service provide support to students who have an impairment or condition that can make it difficult to undertake study-related tasks.

Listen to our DDSS audio guide.

The Information Commons
Exterior image of a green building with windows down the middle
The Information Commons

The Information Commons is the University’s state of the art learning centre. It is a fully integrated learning environment combining both library and IT services, with approximately 120,000 in-demand texts, around 1,300 study spaces and over 500 PCs. 

Listen to our Information Commons audio guide.

Jessop West
Exterior image of a grey building with coloured tiles on it, to the right of a central walkway
Jessop West

Designed by well-known Berlin architect Sauerbauch Hutton this building provides office, meeting and seminar space for History, English and Modern Languages, as well as exhibition spaces for more general use.

Listen to our Jessop West audio guide. 

Jessop Building
Exterior of old red-brick victorian building against blue, cloudy sky

Previously the Victoria Wing of Sheffield's Jessop Maternity Hospital, the University has been careful to retain the look and feel of this building which is intrinsically linked with the city. It now houses offices and practise/teaching rooms for the Department of Music.

Listen to our Jessop Building audio guide here.

The Diamond
Exterior image of the diamond, a large white and gold building with geometric shapes on the outside
The Diamond

This £81 million building – our largest ever investment in teaching and learning – has created a fantastic place for modern interdisciplinary teaching. As well as containing specialist Engineering facilities the building houses a range of lecture theatres, seminar rooms, open-plan learning spaces, library services and social spaces available to all students.

Listen to our Diamond audio guide. 

City Accommodation
Exterior shot of accommodation buildings with winding path down the middle

Our two main city accommodation sites are Alan Court and Broad Lane Court, both are conveniently located to our campus and to the city centre. 

Listen to our City Accommodation audio guide.

St George's Church
Exterior image of a stone church spire against white sky with trees in the foreground

St George’s was built in 1821. It was purchased and converted into a lecture theatre by the University in 1994, following its closure several years earlier. It also provides accommodation for some postgraduate students on the upper level. 

Listen to our St George's Church audio guide.

Sir Frederick Mappin Building and The Engineering Heartspace
Exterior shot of stone building with trees in the foreground

Mappin Street houses the Frederick Mappin Building, a grade II listed building is named after Sir Frederick Mappin, who was one of the key instigators in the creation of the University. It now houses the Faculty of Engineering along with the Sir Henry Stephenson and Sir Robert
Hatfield Buildings.

Listen to our Mappin Street audio guide.


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